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“Changing Neighborhoods One Property At A Time”


Our mission is to grow 180 Properties, L.L.C. into a superior real estate investment company by providing quality homes nationwide to those desiring to own the American Dream. While not overlooking those that are above the middle income level, we seek to concentrate on the low to middle income property owners whom we believe will experience the greatest possible positive change in their lifestyle through property ownership.

The successful execution of our mission will help to transform the American landscape by facilitating socio-economic growth in repressed areas through appreciated property value and concentrated job growth.


180 properties, L.L.C. seeks to match equitable real estate investment business practices with the American Dream, i.e. homeownership. To that end, we are determined to provide all homeowners with elite service, integrity, and satisfaction in all aspects of our business; therein changing neighborhoods one property at a time.


Our goal is to acquire real estate, improve it, lease or sell it for profit.


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